Major changes to the WebDesktop platform

During the summer months, we mainly focus on software maintenance and technical issues. Preparations are underway to introduce the latest Debian 12 operating system and PHP 8 programming language. This will ensure more future-proof, faster, safer and higher quality software. There will be a lot of extra work involved in these updates.

As to what exactly these additional works mean and when they can be carried out, it is our practice to contact our customers ourselves to make arrangements for the upgrades.

WebDesktop colour schemes get an update



In WebDesktop, it has been possible for a long time to choose the colour combination of your choice from the settings, offering ready-made themes such as “Blue sky”, “Green forest”, etc. For some customers, we have also created a custom look to suit them. But now we’ve made the choice of colour combination both easier and more flexible.

Related to this, at the end of this year, we will stop supporting the older themes, i.e. the colour combinations (“Blue sky”, “Green forest”, “Sweet orange”, etc.), as well as the themes created as special solutions. By the end of this year, there will be only one design theme left, called “WD6”, and as an extra option, you can choose your own colour combination by entering a colour code. In this case, WD users will no longer be limited to a specific theme, but will be able to choose the colour of their choice.

If you have an older issue that needs support, please contact us to find a solution.

WebDesktop standard code will be adapted to PHP 8 version.



The WebDesktop platform is built on the PHP programming language. Upgrades and patches also create situations where some systems are incompatible or cause other technical problems. For systems to work reliably, quickly and securely, you need to keep up with their innovations.

In connection with the PHP upgrade, please note that support for the current version of PHP will end this year. Upgrading to a new version of PHP requires a large amount of rewriting of existing code. We have planned to adapt the standard code in August. The PHP 8 upgrade will not be implemented before the end of the year, and the upgrade work can be planned separately.

In the case of the PHP 8 upgrade, it is important to know that the migration of special developments to the new PHP version is a separate paid project, and we can negotiate the price and schedule of the work separately with the customers who have special developments. For customers who do not have any special developments in place, the migration to the new PHP 8 version is free of charge.

The benefits of PHP 8:

  • Several safety improvements
  • Faster and more efficient
  • More robust

PS: Regarding the PHP 8 upgrade, keep in mind that in order to upgrade to the WebDesktop platform in the future, you will also need to rewrite the code for special developments. We will contact our clients ourselves to schedule work for upgrades and special developments.

Upgrading the Debian operating system

WebDesktop servers run on the Debian operating system. In June, a new version of the Debian operating system called Debian 12 was released. In this context, we have planned to start migrating customer servers to Debian 12 in the fourth quarter. It is important to note that this migration requires the migration of special developments to PHP 8.

Debian 12 benefits:

  • Several safety improvements
  • Better performance
  • Updated software strategies

PS:We will contact you ourselves for any work on upgrading the operating system.

The annual Webware conference will take place on 21. September



We are announcing well in advance that the Webware Annual Conference will take place on 21. on September. We will publish a more detailed agenda and open registration in August.

If you have any further questions about these updates or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.